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60 KILOMETRE ROUTE  Marrakech to the Ourika Valley.  30km out and 30km back. 365m of altitude  gain:  Route description  This route leaves from the southern edge of  Marrakech at 495m and heads south,  following a very gentle gradient (averageof  1.25%) for 29Km to the start of the Ourika  Valley at an altitude of 860m. Spectacular  views of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains  should be seen throughout this gentle rise  to the start of The Ourika Valley. The return  is a fast gentle decent back to Marrakech.  This route is achievable by almost anybody  who has reasonable fitness and wants to be  involved in this event. 
I feel that I am extremely privileged to have ridden in the first of, I hope, many of these rides. It is everything you can want as a cyclist, an off the beaten track, adventurous challenge with great people in aid of a great cause. Although it was a tad misty when we did it, the unspoilt—there I said it—scenery and mountain views are awe inspiring.
Marrakech Atlas Etape    is an annual cyclosportive starting from the exotic city of  Marrakech up to the ski-resort high in the Atlas Mountains and  back down again. It is an inclusive event with no aggressive broom  wagon and a choice of 2 routes: 140km and 60km. The full ascent  will challenge the serious amateur or even professional rider, as  well as passionate and determined cyclists who just wants to do  this monster of a climb with the exhilaration of the descent. 
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Cycling charity Event Morocco: Marrakech Atlas Etape takes place every year in April. Chaallenge youself and the Atlas Mountains and ride the “Ouka Monster”
Marrakech Atlas Etape 24.04.2016           Charity Bike Trip - Level Medium / Sportive
The Marrakech Atlas Etape is organised for the benefit of Education For All, a Moroccan NGO.  At present, few girls from rural communities in Morocco continue their education after primary  school. College is not accessible to them for several reasons. To help tackle some of the  issues, EFA are running boarding houses near secondary colleges, allowing some girls from  rural families to continue their education:  Routes:  140 KILOMETRE ROUTE  Marrakech to Oukaïmeden.  70km out and 70km back. 2129m of altitude gain:  Route description  This route leaves from the southern edge of  Marrakech at 495m and heads south, following a  very gentle gradient (average 1.25%) for some  29km to the start of the Ourika valley at an  altitude of 860m. Spectacular views of the snow-  capped Atlas Mountains should be seen  throughout this gentle rise to the start of the  Ourika Valley. The route then follows the Ourika  valley for 11km to where the road branches out  of the valley (975m)and the main climb to  Oukaïmeden begins. The next 30km of the  course will raise 1649m (average gradient  5.49%) to the ski station at 2,624m.  The physical and human scenery on this  section of the course really is awe inspiring as  the road snakes its way ever higher passing the  villages and terraced fields of the Berbers of the  High Atlas. The route back to Marrakech is  almost all downhill and the views truly  spectacular.  Registration  1. There are 2 routes, 140km or 60km. The entrance fee is 80 euro for either route.  2. For the last 6 years Education For All have run an annual Charity Bike Holiday event  which will take place immediately after the Marrakech Atlas Etape in 2014. The bike  holiday gives the opportunity to explore different regions in the High Atlas Mountains at  a more leisurely pace. If you are interested in joining us for this, please email  contact@atlas-sports or visit the Education For All website to find out more information.  3. For complete information please visit  4. If you need a bike rental for the event please contact us at contact@atlas-sports  5. To make your Moroccan Cycling Experience even more enjoyable you can extend your  trip on our Atlas of Marrakech Road Bike Escape   You can enjoy many excellent photos of the Etape which can be seen on Flickr. 2015 photos  can be seen in the album, Marrakech Atlas Etape 2015  Album 1  Album 2  Our team, Maroc Nature/Atlas Sport, winner of the 2015 Atlas Etape Edition in a souvenir  photo wit the UK Embassador. 
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