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 Passport and Visa Australian, American,  Brazilian, British,  Canadian, EU,  Scandinavian, Irish citizens do not need a visa to travel to Morocco, just a 6  months  valid passport ( if your date of exit from Morocco is less than six  months before the expiry of your passport you may be refused entry into the  country!).  For other  nationalities, please check with the your nearest  Moroccan Consulate. On arrival to Morocco, you will be asked to submit a  visitor's form with your adress in Morocco this will entitle you to stay in  Morocco  no more than 3 months 
 Health and Vaccinations There are no compulsory vaccinations required when travelling to  Morocco . Although, it is  recommend to have inoculations against tetanus, hepititis A, polio, and typhoid. On all our trips, each  of our guides carries a first medical. 
 Money  The currency in Morocco is the Dirham. You can change money upon arrival to the airport, or  your hotel. In major cities there  are plenty of foreign exchange facilities and cash points for MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and Cirrus. Most city boutiques and restaurants  accept payment by credit card. 
  Language The official language of Morocco is Arabic & Berber, French is widely spoken.  English is spoken at hotels, restaurants and  shops. In the Rif, Atlas Mountains and desert, Berber is the dominant dialect. 
  Telephone / Internet Calls from Morocco can be made from "Teleboutique" which are to be found in most places. You can also  purchase a moroccan mobile card  during your trip. For internet, Cybercafes can be found in most large towns. Prices are  normally very  cheap about 0.70EUR (7-8 dirhams) per hour. 
 Photography & Filming Morocco has lots to offer in terms of landscapes, authentic life and  superb lights. But Moroccan are very sensible to have their pictures taken! Please do not film or take  photos of people without their permission! Generally when you visit l local family house, share a cup of  mint tea... people are more willing to have their portraits taken and even more delighted if you send  them back!
 Time  Morocco is on GMT  Greenwich Mean Time), +1 hour in summer time. 
 Shopping In the souq, Moroccan traditional markets, offer a large choice of hand crafts goods: Moroccan slippers, Lanterns, carpets ...  In most traditional shops, prices are not displayed, so It is normal to haggle. It can be a pleasant moment sharing a cup of tea while  discussing the price.
 Tipping Tipping in Morocco is a common use, usually count 10% of your bill. This rule is valid  for hotels,  bars, cafes and restaurants. After your trip it is customary to leave a tip for your Moroccan guide, driver(s), muleteers, camel men ....  Receiving a tip is a sign of content, there are no set amounts as it depends on group size. For an Idea : 400 Dirhams / 40 Eur per traveller for  a group of 6 to 8 people,  should cover your share of all tips for a week's trip.  
 Alcohol  Alcohol  is mainly  available in big cities supermarkets, big hotels, authorized auberges and restaurants. You can find bars in  big cities like Marrakech, Agadir , Tangier .... On outdoor tours, you can buy your wine or beer before tour starts and drink it in bivouacs or  small hotels. When you are in gites, it is better not bring alcohol in.
 Electricity Electricity supply in Morocco is 220V 50Hz and you may need an adaptor for the European two round pin system which is  used in Morocco.
 Food  Morocco's cuisine  is worldly famous, you can try typical dishes like Tajines (spiced lamb or beef stew), Couscous, Briouats  (flakey pastry parcels of spiced meat, fish or vegetables), Harira (Moroccan soup), and delicious pastries. You have a large choice of  restaurants in Marrakech from  food stalls in the Djemaa Lafna square to palace restaurants. There are also good quality French, Italian,  Chinese and Indian restaurants. For vegetarians, Moroccan food is based on a large variety of fresh local vegetables. 
 Hammam  After an outdoor or for an invigorating experience, a traditional hammam (Moroccan bath) is place we would highly  recommend to go to. 
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 Where to land Most of our biking tours depart from Marrakesh, as it is well connected by air companies.  But you can also take a flight to Casablanca, Agadir or Ouarzazate if no flights available to Marrakesh ... 
 Find a flight From all the EU countries of Europe: Royal Air Maroc, Easyjet, Rayanair, Air France, Alitalia...  From all over the world: Air France, Emirates....  Arrived at the airport, your guide or our correspondent will welcome you and will take you to your hotel. After collecting your room key, he will make an information meeting to brief you about the journey and give you some essential information about the city and the country in general. BOOK EARLY! And benefit from low cost tickets of companies connecting Marrakesh!
 Lodging and Food The quality of accommodations on our bike tours varies from basic mountain huts "Gite",  bivouacs under tents to beautiful hotels and lodges. In remote areas we mainly camp or stay in "Gites". Gite" in  Morocco means a local house where a Berber family afford us 1 or 2 rooms for sleeping and a hot shower.   While camping, all equipment including good igloo tents and mattress are provided "please bring your own  sleeping bag!".   On priavate tours, lodging plan can be upgraded according to your wishes. We assure that the food on the trip is as good as varied.  Based on fresh local products, our chefs prepare delicious local meals like tagine & couscouss and of course the famous mint tea to sip without moderation! Please let us know upon booking if you have special diet needs.
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  For first visitors, this factsheet gives practical hints and a general overview of Morocco